Nurture your child's growth through Montessori


The Foundation

At Oleander, our primary emphasis lies in nurturing the foundational skills that form the bedrock of a child's future achievements. We believe that by fostering these fundamental abilities, we are not only preparing our children for success in their academic journey but also equipping them with essential life skills.


  • Enrich vocabulary and phonetic understanding through various learning materials.
  • Enhance spelling proficiency & creative writing skills.
  • Develop improved cursive handwriting


  • Clear understanding of numbers and place value.

  • Comprehensive understanding of basic operations, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, along with the ability to apply these concepts.


The Montessori method

To maintain a balance between academic excellence, child well-being, and strong moral values. We follow the Montessori method, which encourages children to learn through practical experiences and self-discovery through carefully prepared activities in the environment. 

Circle Time:

Also known as group time, this happens towards the end of each session, during which children and teacher sit together in a circle. This popular activity fosters positive relationships among children and provides a special time for rhymes, songs, rhythm, and relaxation. It creates a platform for listening & promoting oral communication, and encouraging them to share their stories and thoughts.

Reading Corner:

The Reading Corner is a dedicated space within the classroom where storybooks and pictorial books are easily accessible to children. This area kindles a passion for reading and encourages a love of literature.

Story Time:

Story Time is a beloved activity for children of all ages. This storytelling session not only strengthens the bond between children and adults but also fosters comfort and familiarity within the environment. Storytelling helps enhance reading, comprehension, and creative writing skills.

Art Corner:

At the Art Corner, specific materials are provided for children to express their emotions and creativity through art. This space allows children to explore their artistic abilities, whether it's decorating a booklet or crafting a birthday card for their parents or friends.


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Orientation program for parents

Every year, Oleander conducts an Orientation Program for parents. This enables parents to gain an understanding of the Montessori philosophy and provides them with the opportunity to work directly with the materials. Any questions or concerns regarding their children are addressed during this event, and the children's work is also exhibited.


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