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A Learning Centre, thoughtfully crafted to support children's developmental needs and empower their unique learning abilities.


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The Oleander program is a comprehensive learning experience that seamlessly integrates with your child's school curriculum, prioritizing essential subjects such as Math, Language, and more. Designed for children aged 2 to 8 years and beyond, it caters to their unique learning capabilities while nurturing their growth for future success. Moreover, the Oleander program extends its support to children with special needs, including those with mild autism, attention deficit disorder, and hyperactivity disorder. We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment where every child can flourish and unlock their limitless potential. Discover the transformative power of education with the Oleander program.


Hear from the parents

Our journey with Oleander and Ms. Yasmin has been extraordinary. Despite our son's challenges from a young age, including a head injury and partial paralysis of his left arm, Ms. Yasmin provided exceptional care. Under her guidance, our son gained focus, fine motor skills, and remarkable English proficiency. Her patience and talent helped him build confidence and overcome obstacles. We are grateful for her dedicated support and wish her all the best in the future.

Dr Niharika niyaz

Yasmin possesses a special quality that effortlessly endears children and parents to her. During her three years of caring for our son Aarya, he transformed into an independent, responsible, and confident child. Yasmin's remarkable ability to connect with children and nurture their growth is truly a gift. Her partnership with Montessori education is a combination that we sincerely wish every child could experience and benefit from.

Radhika and Kartik

Ryan struggled in school, and I wanted a happier start for his education. Fortunately, I met Yasmin through a friend. She patiently listened, understood, and introduced me to the Montessori philosophy. At Oleander, Ryan found joy in learning, transforming into an enthusiastic and cheerful student. Thanks to Yasmin and Oleander, he now embraces a lifelong journey of knowledge.


Our association with Ms. Yasmin, Ashish's first teacher, has been an absolute joy. With a true Montessorian spirit, she cherishes the uniqueness of every child. As an attentive observer, she possesses the skill to recognize their potential and talent, wholeheartedly supporting their pursuit. Her experience and understanding of Montessori philosophy have successfully instilled in Ashish a genuine passion for learning, inspiring him in intriguing ways.

Professor Priya George 

In 2015, I discovered Oleander through a friend and was introduced to Yasmin Khorakiwala, the brilliant educator behind it. Attending her workshop, I was impressed by her teaching methods. I enrolled my twins, Sarrah and Hamza, at the age of 2.5, trusting Yasmin to shape them perfectly. Over 4 amazing years at Oleander, my kids learned independence, confidence, and exemplary behavior. They still miss Oleander and have fond memories. Thank you, Yasmin.

Maria Masalia


"The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence."

Maria Montessori

Oleander Montessori - Based Learning Center